What test to use?

Do you have any assumptions on the order, or is the order is only the sample results?

You may use multiple comparisons with significance correction, or tukey hsd test.

You may just calculate a confidence interval per each and have a chart
The research question is: How does grammatical complexity affect the acquisition order of conditional types?
Attached are the mean scores of the diffrent conditional types.
How can I use the significance correction?
How can I calculate a confidence interval per each?


Hi Anous,

Is it research or assignment? say do you have the data or only the averages/standard deviations?
Are SD known SD? or sample SD?

Do you have to do it with SPSS?

If you have the data, you can use one-way Anova with Tukey HSD :
The Anova will answer the default assumption that all averages are equal, and the Tukey the order:
http://www.statskingdom.com/180Anova1way.html, includes Tukey HSD, You will also get the R code so you could then run on R if you prefer.
If you use Tukey HSD you don't need to do correction,

Alternatively, you may run in R the pairwise.t.test with correction.
The correction options build in the function
You can read about the corrections also in http://www.statskingdom.com/doc_anova.html#bonferroni
I would probably use the Holm

Confidence interval:

Or in R:


Similarly, if you know the standard deviation, not sample SD, use the normal distribution
The test's assume normal distribution but not sensitive to deviation from the normality.

It is also depend on the sample size, what sample size did you use to calculate the averages? (clt)