Which analysis do I use for a 2 x 3 design?


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Hi everyone,

I am currently doing a small experimental study my design is as follows:

First IV with three levels, this group will not receive an intervention and will complete a questionnaire that measure DV.

Second IV with three levels (exactly the same groups as above), this group will receive an intervention (a small task ) and complete the same questionnaire that measure the same DV

I think I am doing Factorial ANOVA, but my IV in the two groups are identical, only difference is one group will receive intervention and the other one will not. This study only has 1 DV. Is this correct?

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A factorial ANOVA would be a good approach (unless your three groups are simply replicates). One factor would be the group to group differences and the other factor the treatment differences. You would also be able to determine any interactions between group and treatment.