Which analysis fits this research?

Hi everyone!

Apparently, evertbody in the forum seems to have quite some knowledge already, while I am only posting a rather easy questoin. I would be happy if someone can help! :)

I am investigating how 'level of information' 'level of entertainment' and 'level of emotional arousal' in a facebook posts influenced the amount of shares. I have a online questionnaire in which I ask the people on all of these variables. In order to select the brand posts for my final study I did a pilot study, which was just like the final study, just with 40 brand posts. My supervisor suggestes that to get as much variance into the posts for the final study as possible. So I selected 16 posts, twice all 8 combinations (all variables high and low, so 2 x 2 x 2 = 8). This would be usually called a factorial design/ within subjects repeated measures design.

However, as I ask them again in the final study its not a real factorial design as I dont expose them to treatment really. And I ask them again in the final study. Eventually I would like to find out, which variable most influences the amount of shares. Therefore I thought about a standard multivariate analysis.

Do you think that is suitable considering my study design? The one-way ANOVE etc. would be kind of complicated as I have 3 IV's (continious, could make binary but that would limit the study) and 1 DVs. And Anything else that would be suitable here?

Thank you VERY much for any help!! :) :wave: