Which analysis i should use to test/support hypothsis ?


Can someone tell me which type of analysis I should use to test hypothesis ? Which analysis best show me measure between 2 constructs ?


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Well, it depends on the objective and the design of your study (what is the research
question; how were the data collected; which variables were measured and how;
how large is your sample size).

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data were distributed as questionnaire to be solve online , and few physically, total sample size of 211 observations.
I have variables with their items such as privacy , security , branding , etc I should measure if they affect the adoption of cloud computing or not.

How can I test that ? test each factor if it affect another factor or not. does hypothesis is correct or wrong such as privacy is negatively affect adoption of cloud computing. < need to be test.

Which model I should use ?
also another question what is the general rule for reject or accept the null hypothesis ?
is there a number for t value or p value specify if hypothesis is accepted or rejected ?