Which analyzing technique?

Im currently working on my thesis and I wonder which analysis technique to use.

I have 2 dependent variables: voting choice (1 exwtreme left, 2left, 3middle,4 right,5extr right) and political participation devided into formal,informal,new participation and voting yes or no. So formal is on a scale from1-5, informal 1-6, new is just yes or no (1variable) and same with voting also yes or not.

Then as one of my independent variables I have 'precarity', which is a combination of work security and income. on the bottom are those low income and unemployed (1) and the top are those with high income and no job insecurity at all (15) . So its a range from 1-15 . But as you can see, categorical, altho I could use it as a continuous as well

Now to see the influence of precarity on voting choice, Should I make this into an ordinal logistic regression? Is this the best choice? To see which income-jobsecurity(precarity) group voted for who most.

And for the effect of precarity on political participation, should I use multinomial logistic for this one?

If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it
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