Which ANOVA to use in SPSS?

Hi everyone, I am a beginner in statistics and I'm trying to figure out which ANOVA to use to analyse my experimental data.

I have two groups, which differ in terms of education (low vs high) and years of residence (range 8-26 years). I tested their performance in certain second language grammatical structures (agreement and past tense) and I also measured their oral proficiency in the second language. The Dependent Variables are the correct responses for grammar (7 DVs) and the scores from the oral proficiency measures (6 DVs).

I want to look at the effect of level of education to grammar and proficiency, and the effect of years of residence to grammar and proficiency. The prediction is that level of education will have a significant interaction with grammar, while oral proficiency with years of residence.

Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks!


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In general, this is a set-up for Multivariate Analysis of Covariance (MANCOVA). The dependent variables are grammar and oral proficiency, the factor is education and the covariate is years of residence. However, how you go about the actual analysis depends on

1) whether the residuals are normally distributed,

2) whether the sample size is big.