Which method of data analysis

Okay so I am tired. here is my issue.

If I have a three data sets

Parents education
Student gender
And student pre&post test scores

what type of data analysis should i run and why?

Also What statistic will be used to analyze the pre and post test scores?
It is this lame question that I have to answer about redesigning a study. It is completely hypothetical. So I don't have everything I should have. i basically said that I was going to conduct the study to look to see if parents education and student gender impact test scores. Then I gave a fake pre test and a fake post test. Now I need the part of "once I have that this is what I would run" My brain is mush and I am stuck between ANOVA- but can;t explain why i would use it or MANCOVA but again could;t explain why i would choose one over the other. or perhaps a t test.