Which method to solve...

I just need direction...which method do I use to solve these two problems...

1) 2011 NYC had such and such number of accidents between Mon-Fri, corresponds to 14.4/hr.
a) Compute the probabilty of at least 1 accident in a certain number of mins
b) What's the prob that 4 or more accidents happened during that same period of time

the next problem is similar I think...do I use the Hypergeometric probability function?

I should have started on this sooner, but with a new baby and my back up help sick - I'm trying to work on this and tend to the baby...fun fun, right? :)


Omega Contributor
I was thinking Poisson distribution, since hypergeometric is successes and you seem to have counts. I believe that the Poisson may tend toward the normal distribution when the average is 8 or greater.