Which method?

Hello friends of statistic,

first of all - sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother language :( ...

Here is my problem. I have to make a study about helping behavior and I'm not sure which method I have to use.
Scenario: A man with (low/high) status is helping (public/private shown). My experimental subjects have to evaluate the attribution (mediator) and the assessment of the behavior (behavior was good/bad)

My variables:
IV-1: social status (low/high)
IV-2: public vs. private shown behavior [My professor called this variable as "pseudo-moderator", never heard about it]
mediator: attribution about motives
DV: assessment of the behavior

I have written four scenarios (low status/private shown behavior) (low status/public) (high status/private) (high status/public).
Now I have no clue, what I have to do!

First I thought to use a moderated mediation (PROCESS in SPSS). But I have no idea, how to build the moderator variable.

Do I have to make my study again with two scenarios (only low/high status) and asking the public/private shown behavior with a distinct variable (i.e.: do you think, this behavior was public)?

Thanks a lot :)