Which model to use?

Currently I'm writing my thesis. I have a question which model to use. My research question is: ‘What is the effect of dramatic brand-related events on consumers’ trust and are there any spillover effects?’.

The data consists of over 35.000 respondents, which all filled in a survey within a period of 3 years. So, I can see the trust over time per brand, where trust is asked with a Likert scale from 1 to 5. I also have variables of dramatic brand related events from different brands with 0 there is no event that day, and 1 if there is an event that day. Now, I want to see if a dramatic brand related event of brand I influences the trust of brand I and if that effect spills over to another brand (so not being i). Moreover, I want to see if dramatic brand related events also influences the general trust, and there, I want to see if this effect is moderated by the type of event. So: time should be included, there is mediation, there is a moderator, and there are five different brands in total. The dependent variable trust (one in general and one per brand) is measured on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, and the independent variables dramatic brand related events are events per brand, where 1 means there is an event, and 0 means there is no event. There are five different independent variables (for each brand there is 1 variable with all the events) and there are two independent variables which include the specific type of event for the moderation. I'm not sure which model to use for this. I have to use the software R.

Hopefully one of you can help me out!