Which regression should I use?????? HELP

I have a questionnaire with where respondents were asked if they remember seeing a TV commercial, a radio commercial and a magazine add. “Yes or no questions”.
The different combinations of those are the independent variables.
Seen only TV,
remember only radio,
remember only magazine add,
remember all,
remember magazine and TV not radio,
magazine and radio and not TV
radio and TV and not magazine.

The dependent variable is a liking question where 1 is highly disagree and 6 is highly agree. I want to find out which variable (group) has the highest coeficient.

I have run a linear regression, however the standardized coefficient and the unstandardized coefficients does not provide the same results. Meaning that when the unstandardized coefficient is the highest the standardized coefficient is not. I think I should use another regression because the distribution of the independent variables, but I need some help.