Which software to buy ?

I 'm a SPSS user because most of my peers in marketing use it, that' s why. However I agree with JenB on STATISTICA. I would say it more modern and better quality than SAS. STATISTICA and SPSS are not so different (IMHO) but I would give STATISTICA the edge. Where SPSS uses R and Python (pretty obscure for most people)
one very stong point of STATISTICA is that it has a rich native Visual Basic engine making it ideal for team efforts with VB devellopers.
In most business setting body knows (or wants to invest in) R, VB is widely used!


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With keyphrases "biostatistics" and "need for complicated models," it sounds like the user needs something for bioinformatics, gene microarray work, etc. Not sure about SAS, STATA, etc., but I've been impressed with the Open Source project "Bioconductor" that has >450 analysis packages for bioninformatics work. Combined with the R community and rapid development and testing of models (in published literature), I think R is unparalleled.

Here's the website for Bioconductor: LINK

But, R wasn't one of the original choices, was it?
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