Which STAT to use? Compare one persons total Seizures in a month over 12 months

My goal is to find out if there is a significant difference between the total numbers of seizures in a month over the course of a year for one individual.
I have collected data for September, October, November, December and January.
I want to carry out a statistical analysis comparing months.

In November the person had a change in medication.

I believe there is a decrease in the number of seizures after the change in medication in November.

I know you can use t-test to compare 2 months.

I was thinking of using 1 Way ANOVA?? Is this the right test to use for multiple months?

All the examples I have seen for 1 way ANOVA are for multiple individuals. Does this matter?

Raw Data
September 6 seizures
October 8 seizures
November 4 seizures
December 8 seizures

Thanks in advance.
Ps I also want to see if there is a significant difference between types of seizures (Type A, Type B and Type C) over the course of a year (but that’s for another day).

PSS. Any suggestion for a free STATS package I can download on the internet?


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You have a tiny amount of data, and there is only a very small difference apparent in the sample data. There is no way that the difference will be statistically significant, for any reasonable choice of test. So worrying about which test to use here is a little bit pointless. (But you could simply use a chi square test comparing seizure frequency before and after).