Which statistic should i use?


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I don't know which statistic i should use for my situation:

I have 30 spaceships with different caracteristics. I need to buy one, how to chose if i don't know all and their characteristics?

The ideia is something like this:



The green color would be a cut / qualifier variable. Because if from 30, only 8 can be green, we've narrowed the options down. But, we still have 8....

Well, this is the ideia.

I though about conjoint analysis, but i not sure if this will help me. I don't want to use AHP or similar, because it's not dinamic. I want something dinamic and easy result (after all statistic).

The spaceships characteristics i would create a database.



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The main point is: How to select a spaceship for a given solution. Hypothetically, there are so many options, which is difficult to choose.
So I make available the features / attributes that I need and I will have the answer.
The joint analysis, based on the given characteristics, can list the attributes in an order of priority and with this, I will arrive at the item that most fits the given selection. However, I do not know if joint analysis is the best tool for this situation.