Which Statistical Analysis would I use?

I am writing a fake study.

In the study there are 3 groups which correspond to times. (1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm)

The participants took a "cognitive enhancing drug" at these time intervals and I am trying to assess which time is the most effective.

Performance measures were taken (4 measures, all measured continuously)

...how do I say that 2:00pm was significantly better from the rest!?!? Like which analysis? (I use SPSS)

Please help, I'm so so so confused :shakehead

Pretty much, I have a categorical independent variable with three levels.

And then I have 4 measures that were all measured continuously.
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You said that you have "groups", i.e. different participants at each
time, and there are no additonal grouping factors? In that case,
you could perform 4 oneway-ANOVAs, or, if the 4 dependent
variables jointly represent one hypothetical construct, you could
think about MANOVA. Repeated-measures ANOVA can be used
if the same subjects are measured at all three time points,
which seemingly wasn't the case here.

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