Which statistical test should I use?

Hi I'm currently working on my ethics form for my dissertation project about the impact of distractions on participant memory recall and need help with choosing how to analyse this data.

The IV is the number of distractions and the DV is the accuracy of their scores

Participants will see an image and answer a question about the image they saw. Some of the images will have distractions.

All the participants will be exposed to every condition. There are 4 conditions with a differing number of distractors per condition. Images will be shown in a random order. I want to compare the scores across conditions to see which condition has the biggest effect on scores.

I also want to see which type of distraction has the biggest impact as there are 4 different types of distractions and some will be shown together so I want to see which individual or combination of distractors has the greatest effect.

Which statistical test will I use for this?