Which statistical test to use for significance (p-value)?


I am trying to find significance in a study I conducted. There are 3 groups (so 3 columns on MS Excel) and I am testing significance between them. I am testing for significance between male and female (so I inputted 0 = male, 1 = female). How do I test for significance? I use statistical program graphadprism. Thank you very much.
It's hard to make out what you are doing -- you have three groups, male female and what? Or you have three groups and also info on male and female? What is the nature of your data? Is it continuous (such as height or weight), ordinal (excellent--good-fair-poor) or categorical (favorite color)? What are you trying to determine?
I have three columns (a b and c). There is a ratio of 30:70, 40:60, and 20:80 respectively in A, B, C. The problem is I labeled the excel as 0 or 1 based on yes or no. I need to know find out if there was any statistical significance in that test. Thanks.