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Hi I have an exam on Monday and am trying to work out on practice question we received in class. It asks us to identify and match the appropriate statistical test for the following examples. I have a choice of the following tests:

1. correlation
2. chi-squared test for difference
3. chi-squared test for association
4. unpaired t-test
5. paired t-test
6. regression
7. analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Example 1: A study on the effect of drug concentration on cell viability in culture. Five drug concentrations were used and were tested on cells grown in culture and cell viability was determined 24 hours after administration. What test should be used to determine if the drug had any effect?

Example 2: Number of blue-ring octopus collected at different sites in the GBR. Ten different sites were selected with an area of 50m2. The number of octopi in each was recorded. What test should be used to determine if there is a difference in the number of octopi between sites?

Example 3: To determine if temperature alters the average opening time of a particular potassium channel, cells in culture were patched onto and opening time was recorded at 37 degrees celcius (oC) for 5 minutes followed by 42oC for 5 minutes. If 18 different preparations were recorded, what test should be used to determine if there is an effect with temperature?

Example 4: The mutagenicity of a novel plant extract was determined by the Ames test where the extract was incubated with bacteria for 60 min followed by growth of the bacteria on agar plates for 2 days. Mutagenicity is detected by an increase in colony number in the presence of the extract. The number of bacterial colonies was determined at 5 different concentrations (including a vehicle control) of the extract on 3 plates for each concentration. What test should be used to determine if the extract is mutagenic?

Example 5: The number of students attending the school seminar on Friday was recorded throughout semester 1. What test should be used to determine if the number of students attending decreases throughout the semester?

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated as I have an idea of what the answers are but need verification in my mind that I'm going in the right direction.

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Don't worry about this anymore as I received help from others well before the exam or before anyone replied from this forum.