Which statistical test?

Which test can I use for analyzing the effect of a categorical independent variable, such as preoperative ASA score (1/2/3/4), on a binary dependent variable, such as postoperative complication (yes/no)?

I know that the chi squared test is an option, but this test does not tell me if the significant difference lies between ASA 1 and ASA 2 or between ASA 2 and ASA 3,...

Is there a statistical test I can use to know between which independent categories the significant difference is situated?


TS Contributor
Well, you could first perform a test fpr the 2x6 table, and if it is statistcially significant,
then you could maybe analyse 6 fourfold tables (complication yes/no vs. levels 1 vs. 2;
complication yes/no vs. levels 1 vs. 3; etc.),

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