Which stats should I use?


I have three sets of data about a particular cell line under different three different feeding strategies.
Each set is divided into three subsets for cell operation period.


Feeding X - Feeding Y - Feeding Z

Feeding X:
Behaviour in time period 1, 2,3
Feeding Y:
Behaviour in time period 1, 2,3
Feeding Z:
Behaviour in time period 1, 2,3

I want to analyse how the cell perform under the three feedings X Y Z.

Any thoughts?
This looks like a 1-way ANOVA repeated measures.
Thanks. However, for each variable I only have three behaviours (FROM the same period) from across the three feedings:

For example.

Glucose Uptake - FeedingX.Behaviour.P1 , FeedingY.Behaviour.P1, FeedingZ.Behaviour.Period.P1
Lactate Production - FeedingX.Behaviour.P1 , FeedingY.Behaviour.P1, FeedingZ.Behaviour.Period.P1

I do have the standard deviations of each point. Just confused if this would work still with the 1-way Anova repeated measures?

Thanks a lot!


TS Contributor
I doubt that you will find software that will accept your input in that format for an ANOVA. You could manually perform the calculations approximating the error term, or use multiple comparisons with the 2-sample t-test. Some software will accept summarized data for the 2-sample t-test. The downside of that is that you will have to manually adjust for the family-wise error rate.