Which test for my data analysis?

Following this paragraph is my method to my research proposal. The next step I need to do is the planned analysis. I have absolutely no idea how to take the data from my research question (which for this class are fake numbers) and decide what to do with it. I know I need a test (T-test, ANOVA, regression, etc).
I didn't do well in elementary stat and no matter how much I read up on this I'm at a loss. Help please!:

RQ: What is role does stress play in forming office romances?
Hypothesis: Individuals with lower levels of stress will therefore engage in less emotional bonds in the workplace.

Method Materials & Measures:

Materials and Measures
There were five parts to the study: (a) introduction, description, and instructions regarding the study, (b) a hypothetical situation that the participants must read, (c) and (d) two surveys that the participants must complete in response to the hypothetical situations that they have just read, and (d) demographics.

Part (b), contained a hypothetical situation and served as the control. It described a hypothetical organization, the role the participant would play in that organization, and a detailed description of a workplace romance that the participant would be witness to.

Part ( c), in response to the hypothetical situations, measured stress, the independent variable, by assessing the possible feelings of stress caused by the events described in the hypothetical situations. Sheldon Cohen’s Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) (1988) was used where “0” represented “Never” and “4” represented “Very Often”.

Part (d), also in response to the hypothetical situations, measured romance, the dependent variable, by assessing the beliefs and attitudes that participants felt towards the workplace romances described in the hypothetical situations. Zick Rubin’s Love Scale (1970) was used where “1” represented “Not at all true; disagree completely” and “9” represented “Definitely true; agree completely”.

Part (e) asked the participants biographical questions that record demographic information such as sex, age, work place romance experience, level of religion, sexual orientation and current relationship status.
You are going to want to try various techniques, but because of the many different factors you have available to analyze, I would certainly start with a basic multiple linear regression. ANOVA will get complicated with so many possibilities. The only reason you would go to a basic t-test would be for initial exploratory analysis to help determine which variables might be useful in a regression model.