which test shall i use

i am trying to see the correlation between the time and animal behaviour ;, the behaviour divided into 4 type and i want to see if the time can affect there behaviour so which test to apply i was thinking of Spearman tests since my data is not normal distributed but am not sure i don't have a background on stat.
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Well...what is the topic of your research, what are the research questions?
How was the research design - who was studied, how large was your sample
size, how did you measure your variables? What do you mean by time, what
do you mean by behaviour, what do you mean by "divided into 4 type"?

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so my topic is the effect of boats on the dolphins behaviour , the main question is [whether boats affecting the dolphins behaviour in Spain], i have only 100 sample which are [ the different type of boats and time and the dolphins behaviour ] what i mean with the 4 type the dolphins behaviour is categorical and we have 4 different activity dolphins such as resting ,social , feed , travel ,.... my data is not normally distributed and i used kruskal wallis test to answer if there any association between the dolphins and the boat . right now i want to see if time affect their behaviour


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I still do not konow how you measured the "behaviour" variable (variables?). If it is categorical, then you cannot use Kruskal-Wallis or Correlation. But maybe it is something like "relative proportion of resting", "relative proportion of social" (...) ? Such variable could be correlated with time using Spearman.
We measure the behaviour based on a sequence of event so for example if i see the dolphins floating on the surface for more than 5 min and my whole period of seeing them in 10 min in this case they spend 50% of the time in resting because they are floating and I will write the behaviour on my sheet so it’s based on my observation and I will take the last 5 mint of the dolphins behaviour