Which test should i use?

Hello my friends. I'm new here in the group, so I do not know if I'm putting my doubt in the correct place... :)

I am conducting my master's thesis, and I came across a problem in the analysis of my results ....

In my methodology, the participants performed two similar tasks. In each, they observed faces of possible political candidates presented in pairs, with each candidate presenting different personality traits (competent or warmth). In each task, participants should choose only one candidate.

I needed to know which of the personality traits my participants prefer, and my hypothesis states that subjects of different political ideologies prefer different personality traits. So I want to know if lef-wing participants prefer warmth candidates and if the right-wingers prefer competent candidates.

The problem focuses on the test to use. My advisor suggested a binary logistic regression and the use of probabilities, but I can not quite grasp his idea.

Someone can help me?

I hope I have been clear.

Thank you!


Not a robit
How many subjects do you have and how many face comparisons? Also, were all faces used once or were they all directly compared amongst each other.
I have 116 subjects.

In task 2, participants were exposed to a set of 8 photographs: 4 of them had already been presented in task 1 (another type of task) and 4 fresh faces were inserted. As the number of available photographs was reduced, it was impossible to avoid repetition of photographs. The photographs were presented in pairs and participants were asked to vote in one of the two candidates presented. The photographs of the first task intersected with each other to create a confrontation between each of them. The same was applied with the new photographs of task two. However, the photographs of the first task did not intersect with the new ones. In total, 12 clashes between candidates were made in task 2.

In task 4, the faces used were the same as in the 3rd task (another type of task in which I have already analyzed the results.). This time, each face was presented along with a text (each face had a text attributed). The difference between the texts was in the values that they reflected (Left or Right ideology values). In this task, there was a confrontation between the candidates like in the 2nd task. However, as in the 2nd task, the photographs that came from the first task did not intersect with the new ones.

Remember that each candidate has personality traits of their own, and that in the confrontations they may even have the same traits.

I will post here two schemes that may help:



PS - Socialist Party
PSD - Social Democratic Party



PS - Socialist Party
PSD - Social Democratic Party

I hope I have been clear.

Thank you!