Which test to compare two populations

Hi All,
New to this forum as I just need some human input re this question. I have googled and read, gone over all my stats notes form Uni but still have difficulties working out which tests to use. I have had a look through this forum but can't be specific enough in my search terms to yield anything useful. I am Ok in the calcualtions (usually) if i have the right tests.

I am analysing some medical data and basically just need to prove that two populations are not significantly different. So, I need to show that the no of males and females presenting in Time period 1 is the same (and I use that word losely) as time period 2 (two variables), that the spread of presentation criteria is the same ( 5 categories they can present with), and that their triage categories are the same ( 5 categories). Eyeballing them it looks as if there is no difference but I need to prove it.

Is someone able to help me and guide me in the right direction please.


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I'm not excactly sure what you are trying top do, but since you have categorical data(?) a chisquare test for difference might be appropriate.