Which test to run?

I am doing my dissertation on the relationship between schizotypy and cognitive functioning. For my main research question, I want to understand if certain subscales of the STA (schizotypy questionnaire) are related to aspects of cognitive dysfunction. There are 3 IVs - the 3 subscales of the STA: Unusual Perceptual Experiences (UPE), Magical Thinking (MT) and Paranoid Ideation (PI) and 3 DVs - 3 measures of cognitive function: Trails B Test, Visual Attention Task, Rhyming Task. All of the IVs and DVs are continuous variables. I also want to test this in both low schizotypes and high schizotypes to compare (I have already identified and coded this aspect).

My hypothesis is that Magical Thinking will predict cognitive dysfunction and the others I am unsure of.

What I am stuck on is whether to run a MANOVA, individual ANOVAs for each, or a regression? I have read through Andy Field's Statistics book but I feel unsure of what to do next. Thank you so much for any input!