Which test to use? Correlation or Regression

I need some help with choosing the statistical analysis.
Details of my study.
all participants will complete surveys measuring self compassion, whether their psychological needs are met, how high on non attachment scale they are and other trait scales.

then, Half will be given some induction training on how to meditate. half will not.

after that, everyone will be tested to see how mindful and meditative they were using some breath counting measures.

i want to see relationship between the outcome and the survey responses.

for eg. someone whose needs are met and who received training did well on being mindful.
what about someone whose needs are met but was part of the group that did not receive training, what if he does well or what if he doesn't.

I'm so confused..

My original hypothesis was needs met led to being good at meditation. But now the control group has been included, I am confused.

Please help.
Thanks in advance


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Seemingly you want to do a moderator analysis. Whether
the change between pre and post was different for the two
groups, you can analyse using repeated-measures analysis
of variance including group as between-subjects factor.
You can then add "whether needs are met" and the interaction
"whether your needs are met"x"group" to your model.
The interaction tells you whether the (presumed) effects
of training are larger (or smaller) for those whose needs
are met, compared to those whose needs are not met.

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Thanks K. I really appreciate your help.

So I would do a moderator analysis first. and then the factorial between groups ANOVA?
NOT the one way repeated measures ANOVA?

I have a stats book, but i cant seem to apply my study and varaibles to the examples given for all the ANOVAs.



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So I would do a moderator analysis first.
I suggested to perform a repeated-measures ("mixed")
ANOVA with "time of measurement" as within-subjects factor
and "training group" as between-subjects-factor,
and to add "whether needs are met" and its interaction with
"group" to that ANOVA. But here I must correct myself:
there is not only 1 interaction to be included, but there
are 2 interactions between the moderator and the
respective factors (one with group, one with time), and
for determining whether the training effect depends
on the moderator, you also need the three-way-interaction

With kind regards

sorry i got confused with the language in the books and all.

thanks for the clarification. As You can see, my stats knowledge is pathetic. I need to mull over this to make sense of it. I hope you don't mind if I come back with more questions. Please.



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sorry i got confused with the language in the books and all.
I suppose it was more my fault. Have to be more
precise with my descriptions, because terms are used
differently in different books and within different