Which test to use? - SPSS

Hello everyone,

It's my first time analyzing data and putting my results in a paper...
My topic is in how far the educational attainment level has an effect on social wellbeing. I did some research online and I'd like to focus on these coherences:

social wellbeing as dependent variable:
educational level --> social wellbeing
duration of education --> social wellbeing

social wellbeing as dependent variable:
educational level —> net income HH —> social wellbeing
educational level —> health —> social wellbeing
educational level —> occupation —> social wellbeing

I especially have my problem with the latter block. It seems like for example health is a dependent variable and independent variable at the same time. How can I analyze this in SPSS? And what test to use? Do I first have to analyze the coherence between educational level & health, and afterwards check if there's also a coherence between health and social wellbeing, leading do an indirect coherence between educational level & social wellbeing?:confused:

I'd be so glad if someone could help me! :wave:


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In your second block of hypotheses, you seem to be talking about a mediating relationship. You could try using that as a search term to start reading up about this type of analysis.