Which test to use?


1. I need to know how to compare CATEGORICAL DATA. I have 4 types of anesthesia applied to 3 different groups (a, b, c). What test do I use to test significance?

2. One or Two-tail ANOVA?

I have 3 groups (a, b, c), and each one of them lost some water during my science experiment. A lost 200mL, B lost 194mL, and C lost 260mL. Should I be using one or two tail ANOVA to test for significance? Thank you so much.


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Clarification, are you referring to one-tailed or two-tailed OR oneway or twoway ANOVA?

Selection between one-tailed and two-tailed is based on your apriori hypothesis. What is your hypothesis?
oh I'm sorry I didn't realize there was a difference. Uhm, whichever will prove test for significance? I believe that's oneway vs twoway ANOVA? My hypothesis? What do you mean? I'm predicting group C should lose the least amount of fluid. P < 0.05