Which test to use?

I have come across a circumstance that I wonder if you can guide me in the right direction. There are player rankings or ratings for certain hockey players in the areas of skating, passing, shooting, stick handling, and defense. I am trying to assess whether these ratings, individually or in some interaction kind of way, can be a predictor to how successfully these players play in terms of points per game (maximizing it being the goal) and penalty minutes per game (minimizing it being the goal). Statistics are known for games played, points (goals and assists added together), and penalty minutes.

How would I go about assessing this? I ran a correlation study to see which factors by themselves have the strongest positive correlation to points per game, and penalty minutes per game. It made sense to me to a certain degree. But I can’t help but feeling there is some interaction effect I am not capturing. For example, shooting skill showed to be unrelated to goal scoring and points per game production, which is highly counter-intuitive to me. I started to wonder if shooting combined with skating or defense (or both) was the strongest indicator, but I don’t know how to test for such a thing. ANOVA with regression? Any guidance would be appreciated.


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