Which test to use?

The following experiment is made - which inferential test would be the most appropriate to use??

Participants will view sixteen everyday scenes. Each scene represents an experimental trial. In each trial, two almost identical images appear one after the other, with an intervening blank screen. The images and the blank screen appear for 0.25 seconds each, providing the experience of the screen.

Participants must view the images presented and try to detect whether any change has occurred in the scene. If they believe they have seen a change, they should use the mouse to click on the image to indicate that they have seen it. When a participant clicks the mouse their reaction time is automatically recorded.

The aim of this experiment is to see whether change blindness varies according to the type of change that is made to a scene. To test this, three different change types have been made to the stimuli. Only one change is made per trial, and each type of change appears four times.

The order of these trials is randomised and all participants view and respond to the same clips. The reaction times for responses are recorded to enable comparison of mean reaction time across the different types of change.

To make sure that participants are completing the task correctly and not simply claiming to detect changes in all of the images presented, a safeguard (or control) has been built into the experiment. While three-quarters of the trials have a change occurring in them, a quarter of them do not.