Which test to use?

This is my experiment.

I have 3 independent variables.
1. sex of participant
2. sex of stimuli (sex of pictorial stimuli in the experimental task)
3. level of anxiety

I have 2 dependent variables.
1. bias score (Response time)
2. accuracy (accuracy of responses in experimental task)

I would like to see the interactions and main effects of these variables, but I'm not sure which test to use.
Also, should I code the level of anxiety into two - anxious and nonanxious- using a cutoff score? Or can I just leave it as a continuous variable?

Data is normal and sample sizes are as below.
1. male anxious - 15
2. male nonanxious - 15
3. female anxious - 15
4. female nonanxious - 15
TOTAL = 60

Thank you in advance.