Which test? Urgent homework help, please!

I have to design a study for my research methods class. My quantitative question is: how does gambling disorder in males impact marriage satisfaction? So I believe my independent variable is gambling disorder (dichotomous, right? Either you qualify or not depending on DSM criteria) and the dependent variable is marriage satisfaction (continuous? based on a marital satisfaction questionnaire). I would love some comfirmation on those points. My big question is what kind of analysis can I use for this study? My notes say t-test or point biserial. If that is correct, can you please explain point biserial in extreme layman's terms?
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The choice of the test depends on the distribution of Marriage Satisfaction in two groups: "gambling disorder" and "no gambling disorder". Statistical tests to consider (and read about) are t-test assuming equal variances, t-test assuming unequal variances, Mann-Whitney test and two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.