which type of ANOVA to choose

I'm doing an experiment about the correlation between working memory and math grades. And I have to do a one-way ANOVA test (or some other ANOVA).

I already have the math grades, but the working memory score I have to calculate from a working memory test. The test is performed by having all participants doing the same test under the same test conditions 4 times.

My question is, what's the best/correct way to calculate the working memory scores for the ANOVA test?

1) Take the average of the 4 tests for every participants and use that value for my working memory score in my one-way ANOVA test.
2) Regard all four test as done by 4 different participants. Then I use all the values instead of just the average.

3) Or should I have a completely different approach such as repeated measures ANOVA, replication ANOVA etc...