White Papers

I publish a free e-Magazine for SAS/R/SQL/MS Office. I would like to invite everyone here to subscribe and to submit their own white papers or tips if your interested. If you'd like to submit a paper, please send me an email. If you'd like to subscribe or simply check out the white papers and downloads on the site, you can follow the link below.




Super Moderator
Looks like it could be of value. Can you please explain what a white paper is? I have not heard that before.
No problem. It's just a 1-3 page paper explaining a short topic. Often, they can be all talk and not very useful, but I try to make mine as packed full of code examples and tips as possible. The best way to explain is just to go to my website and subscribe. I can email you a copy of the magazine and you can see what a typical article looks like. A white paper is technically one artical by itself.