Who to analyse these data please

A very short question:
I have a group of patients, followed after an operation, and I have collected a number of variables on these patients before surgery
Independent variables: Age, Sex.... (ie both continuous and categorical)
Intervention: Surgery
The outcome: Time until discharge (in days)
I am not sure how to analys these data:
1- Survival analysis with Cox PH: The problem is that all patients will be discharged and hence the event of interest (discharge) will occur in all patients, ie no censoring at all.
2- Logistic regression after collapsing the outcome variabel into two categories, but this approach has lower power that if I would analys the outcome variable as a continuous variable, and it is unclear how to dichotomise the outcome variable (which value to split at)
3- Negative binomial regression (not sure) since the outcome variable is in whole days (1, 2, 4.....)
4- Multiple linear regression(?) the problem is that I have some categorical independent variables, I have read that categorical variables can be included in multiple linear regression, but not sure if this is correct

Any help would be very appreciated

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What makes you think that for a survival analysis you need censored cases?
Censored cases are a nuisance (which can be dealt with), but not a prerequisite.

But with no censored cases, you could indeed try linear regression. Categorical
variables can be included into the model. You have to transform categorical variables
with k categories into k-1 dummy-variables first.

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