Why are so few questions being answered?

Hi Karen,

I am an online student because I have no choice. I am not able to explain how is possible to study Statistics with lab (SPSS) without any human contact. My English is not good enough to deal with my professor by emails, and I have no TA. Additionally, I am 46 years old (old fashion) and came from a 3er world country, where the Internet does not exist for simple humans beings. I am having a hard time to understand statistics details and your post is very interesting. I registered on this website looking for some help, however, reading your post I realized I need to find a statistician. Could you, please, give any suggestion? Where might I find a specialist?

Thank you in advance,



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I think finding a statistician willing to spend any time with you is difficult in the US and I am sure that is worse in a third world country with limited internet access. My sense is they tend to be concentrated at universities although there are a fair number here. Realistically you are only going to get a limited time with a service that is free (actually you could not get one for money either). Many universities have statistical labs which is one place to look.

If you do have internet access (and I assume you do since you came here) this is a very good site for information on statistics using actual software.

Thank you so much. I have internet access, but I have been two days searching information about how to create Indexes and ...nothing. I mean, there is information about what is an index and the difference between this and a scale. However, I can't find the steps to create an Index of Likert items. I posted the question yesterday, but I have no answer so far. I need to run the Correlation test. I will try in the site you sent me.