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Hi all,

i am a SAS beginner and my issue is the following: I have a long list of words and associated values (e.g., frequency in spoken language) in one dataset (Word_List) and another even longer dataset consisting of phrases(Phrase_List). I have to check whether each of the words from Word_List appears in each of the phrases in Phrase_List. If found, then the phrase is assigned the value of the word found.

So far, I have only managed to do this for single words in the Phrase_List dataset using INDEXW. However, i would need tips on how to do this automatically from one dataset to the other.

My code for single word search:

data ref.phrase_score;

set ref.phrase_list;



if found=0 then delete;

else score+3.56;

keep phrase_ID phrase found score;


I would really appreciate tips on how to do this automatically for all words from the list and using these two separate files.



Mean Joe

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I use macros to repetitively do something (thousands of times).

data _null_;
set Word_List(keep=word value);
call symput("word"||left(n),word);
call symput("value"||left(n),value)
call symput("NUMWORDS",n);

*Check out the macro variables you just defined:;
%put _user_;

*In the data step we will want to do many IF statements, so set up a macro that will cycle through all the macro variables;
%macro wordlistcheck;
%let n=1;
%do %while (%eval(&n)<=&NUMWORDS);
if index(phrase,"&&word&n") then score+&&value&n;
%let n=%eval(&n+1);
%mend wordlistcheck;

*Put the above macro into your data step;
data phrase_score;
set phrase_list;
if score=0 then delete;