zoo question


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According to what I have read you do zoo time series this way:

where xis a vector, matrix, or data frame, and dt is a vector of corresponding dates or datetimes

I have a table that has two columns one spending and the other months associated with that spending. The spending is mydata$Spend and the date field (which is formatted as a date) is mydata$month

I think this is the right way to do a zoo ts given this.


I get no error that way, not sure if it is right.


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You literally have no question in your question. What is it that you want to know. Provide a minimal reproducible example and make sure you provide a question that is answerable.


No cake for spunky
My question was probably too simple. It is did I do the code that I posted for zoo correctly :)

I have not pasted data because the data i use it state internal data and I am not sure I am allowed to put it here. But assuming I am, what format do I post it here in. Just add he excel (or CSV) table it is in?