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Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Machon beschäftigt sich intensiv mit dem Gebiet der ganzheitlichen Zahnmedizin, insbesondere Materialverträglichkeit steht für Ihn an oberster Stelle. Seine Behandlungsschwerpunkte liegen bei ästhetischen vollkeramischen Versorgungen und gesunde schöne Zähne.
Hey everyone, I'm trying to run some logistic regressions in pspp, but I keep getting NaNs. I've tried running frequencies to check for errors, and have found nothing.
Any suggestions? Is there a way I can post a screenshot or the pdf?
Make a thread. You could attach either to your post
Hello everyone, I am facing some problems concerning my data normality of my dependent variable, my results are contradicted and I couldn't make my conclusion. Which criteria should I based for to say if the data is normally distributed or not ?
Thank you in advance
first you can do visual examination and then you can do statistical test for normality assumptions (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Shapiro-Wilk's test)
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Thank you Sir, I really appreciate it