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    What sampling method is this?

    Hi, I hope you can help. I collected my samples on the street by just asking passers by to fill in my questionnaire. I moved to 5 different locations within the city and spent 3 hours each visit 3 times a week for one month. Is this random sampling? Or it it sill convenience sampling? Can...
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    Is this ordinal?

    Hi, My question in a survey is "What do you belive the general view of experts is regarding the causes of Climate change" and the answer options are : [ ] All scientists believe climate change is mostly due to Human contribution? [ ] Majority of scientists believe climate change is...
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    What sort of data is this? In a pickle

    Hi, sorry first of all if is could be suited more towards a different catagory. Basically ive done questionaire and one question is : 3. Highest formal education. None GCSE's (School or FE college) A-Levels (Or equivalent) Graduate Degree (Higher education) Postgraduate or...