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    Which analysis

    Hi Greta! Thanks for your answer. Exactly, I randomised the whole pear tree. Another question, can we follow up significant interaction with a posthoc analysis using LSD test? And then, when we make graph of each storage intensities which plot dependent variable as function of time can we only...
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    Which analysis

    Hi Greta! Thanks for your reply. I think mixed anova is not relevant because I have more than 2 independent variables [light treatment, cold storage intensity, shelf life duration (days)]. Or perhaps the problem is that I didn't know how to do it with my statistical software (SPSS)? I...
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    Which analysis

    Hello All, I am currently analysing my experimental data on postharvest storage of pears. Lets say that I had 2 fcators (light treatment and cold storage duration). First, light treatment with 3 level of lighting intensity (0, 30 and 50 micromole per second). I grew my pears in this 3...
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    Hello statistic fans! I am a new member. Looking forward for new learning. Cheers, Abu