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    Reporting Dummy Variables and Determining Significance

    Hi all, I was just wondering, how does a person determine the significance of a categorical variable in a hierarchical regression model if one dummy variable is significant and the other is non-significant? So basically, the categorical variable (X) I am examining has three levels, so...
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    Process Model and Covariates

    Hi all, I am having difficulty with Andrew Hayes' Process tool and my mediation model. Is it acceptable to run a mediation analysis with a continuous predictor, outcome and mediator variable, but then have dichotomous categorical variables as covariates? I am attempting to control for whether...
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    Quick Cronbach's Alpha Question

    Hi all, This may seem like a silly question, but I was wondering if I should remove outliers prior to running reliability analysis or run the tests with outliers included. I am hoping to get a Cronbach's alpha values for three questionnaires that I used in my research.
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    Expert Help Required - Multiple Regression with Nominal and Scale Variables

    Hi all, I'm having huge issues with the assumptions of multiple regression and determining whether I am running my analysis correctly. First of all, I have eight different predictors and one outcome variable. The idea is to determine whether each variable is a significant predictor of the...