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    repeated measures

    hello there, I would like, please, to understand what kind of analysis I should do and how to do it. (the real variables are different, but has the same scales) I want to see the changes in some psychological factor (the levels of that variable are binary: yes/no), in two conditions: less...
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    Hello i need help with SPSS please

    thank you for your replay, i would like a follow up if it's ok with you: so basicaly my questions goes like this: would you prefer 950 now or 1000 (let's say dollars) in a month from now? now i got this same question, with only the "now" changing, while the 1000 in the future remains constant...
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    Hello i need help with SPSS please

    i want to ask two questions one regarding to statistics and the other one relates to how to perform it on SPSS. i have a questionarrie of 18 questions. each question have 2 options of answer (you can say dichotomous binary response) i have overall 12 responders (i kmow its a small N but i am...