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    individual-level random effects and the idiosyncratic error

    Can anyone explain how some of the explanatory variables could be correlated with individual-level random effects, but that none of the explanatory variables are correlated with the idiosyncratic error? How does that work? Could someone please provide an example? "The estimators implemented in...
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    Panel data correlation

    In a panel dataset of multiple years and multiple countries, what is best practice for running correlations among variables? I know that pooling by both countries and years is not recommended. Is restricting instead by both country and year the preferred method? Or just by either one, country...
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    interactions not allowed

    i am using a fixed effects model with log of wage as the dependent variable when i try xi: xtreg logwage i.d08##c.yrschool exp2 married, i(id) fe where i.d08##c.yrschool is an interaction term with d08 being a dummy for the year 2008 and yrschool being a continuous variable for years of...