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    can i compare not significant value and significant value?

    situation : there are four variables, including exogenous variable x, mediator m1 and m2, and endogenous variable y. x m1 y m2 1. I did mediation analysis on two paths x --> m1 --> y x --> m2 --> y (i did sobel test) the sobel test results indicate that x>m1>y path is...
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    Totally confused! re-scaling using rank ties command?

    Hi, Thank you all for all those kind helps all the time. I'm always getting useful advices here. This time, I have a question on making a composite variable and rescaling... let's say I have these three variables - V_club : number of clubs a respondent join (range 0 ~ 10) - V_talk ...
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    comparing regression coefficients among many groups

    Hi all, first of all, sorry for my poor English since I'm not native English speaker, I have this simple OLS regression equation model with one independent variable X and one dependent variable Y... Y= a + bX now I want to find out if there is difference in the regression coefficients...