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  • Hallo Dason,
    I have a question in Conditional Probability and I would appreciate if you could help me solve it.
    I have the probability of of the Hourly temperature of the day. if my temperature varies from -3,-2,-1,0.....+9 and I know the probability for each temp. every hour through the day (for example that probability that the temp is +1°C at 12:00 am is 13% and at 01:00 am is 15% and so on for 24 hours.
    How could I know the probability that the hourly temp. will be:
    a) the same for two successive hours?
    b) Increase by +1 degree in the next hour
    c) decrease by -1 degree in the next hour
    Dear Dason

    I want to produce some experimental data

    3 variables , each has prespecified odds ratio which are significant and in a predetermined confidence interval

    for example after multivariate logistic regression analysis I find A variables odds 1.4 (1.1-16) , B variables 1.6 ( 1.23-1.40) and C variable 2.3 ( 1.4-3.3)

    now I want 120 A,B, C variables with a prespecified mean, SD, how can I produce this data
    Studying raptor weaknesses
    Hi Dason, I know it could be really awkward comment here, I'm lost with SPSS and I'm looking for someone who could give me a help, could I ask you some stuff that should be really easy for you?

    thanks a lot in advance
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