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    Probability of staff exiting a company

    With the information given I don't think they can and it wouldn't help answer the question asked.
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    Probability of staff exiting a company

    Honestly with the way it was worded and the information given my assumption is that this is just a homework problem
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    Probability of staff exiting a company

    Well if that's all the info you have and assuming this is a hypothetical then I would say you might want to look into the geometric distribution:
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    Long to wide format... how is it again?

    And you don't need all of tidyverse - just tidyr for that task.
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    Probability of staff exiting a company

    If that's the only info you have then you would probably need to make some sort of independence assumption. It's probably not reasonable if this is an actual real life problem though.
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    Minimum R2 in Linear regression

    And there are fields where an R^2 of 0.2 is groundbreaking
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    Why is chance of a Type 1 error equal to alpha?

    In the standard hypothesis testing framework you can't and don't make that conclusion.
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    Free Range Logic

    AND OR min(max( did, they))?
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    Free Range Logic

    It looks like you're just giving a different name to an already established idea: Fuzzy Logic
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    Std Dev Bounds

    I don't know how you did the subtraction but the mean you provided minus the standard deviation you provided doesn't result in what you said you got.
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    I was thinking the same thing. If we have a positive integer restriction then there is a unique solution but otherwise no.
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    Should I consider this variable continuous or discrete?

    Discrete vs continuous typically doesn't matter when it comes to models outside of choosing a theoretical conditional distribution for the dependent variable. Also possibly deciding if it makes sense to treat a numeric predictor as categorical but that's more in number of levels and discrete vs...
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    Without writing anything on paper I don't think there is a unique a solution. I think we can define the possible values though.
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    If you assume a normal distribution then look up the empirical rule. If not then search Chebyshevs inequality
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    Delete Excess Data and Not Lose Stat Significance?

    If the main concern is tracking all time counts then would it be possible to just have two different views of the data. Certainly you need to track each individual song with an entry in your database regardless so why not have an additional column for total all time play count as well. Any time...