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    Chi-square test OK for repeated measures?

    Hello, I have conducted a 3 alternative forced choice experiment (3AFC) where participants had to combine one out of three visualizations with a specific sound. There were 4 sets of different visualizations (a set consisted of 3 visualizations) and these sets were presented together with 3...
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    Repeated measures at many different time points

    Hello, I have logged movement data from a number of subjects (n=21) who were moving during 3 different conditions. Each subject was presented with a counterbalanced order of stimuli (conditions). Each condition was presented 6 times for every subject, giving a total of (6 times *3 conditions...
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    Ordinal or continuous scale?

    Hello, I have carried experiments where the participants were asked to rate a parameter on a scale. The scale starts from “not heavy” to “heavy”; the subject could mark an X desired position (see enclosed picture). The data is normalized for each participant after each experiment (i.e. the...