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    How to calculate max/min scales on a scatter plot

    Good morning! I have 3 log scatter plots that I want to establish smooth maximum and minimum lines. What is the usual mathematical method to do that? (Image and excel file links below.) The black lines on the scatter plot images are hand drawn. The third scatter plot is especially tricky...
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    Calculating a smooth 90% limit for differences in a time series

    I have 50 data sets. Each set has three related time series: fast, medium, slow. My end purpose is simple, I want to generate a number that indicates a relative degree of change of the time series at each point. That relative degree of change should range between 0-1 for all the time series and...
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    Time series degree of slope: Calculating what I see

    Good morning Crew Genius! I want to calculate the degree of slope at each point in a time series. Different time series have different scales. The final number should be normalized in the range of +/-90 degrees. Basically, when I plot my time series in Excel, I can see the degree of slope up...