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    Do i need to correct for family wise error when doing moderation and mediation?

    Hi, I've been analyzing data for moderating and mediating relationships and am wondering how necessary it is to correct for family wise error in moderation and mediation analysis. I have read arguments for and against correction for family wise error in the literature. My moderation/mediation...
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    Moderation - Which Variable?

    Hi, I am running moderation analysis using regression in SPSS. I have read that when you have a significant moderation interaction either of the interacting IVs can be said to be the moderator. I am wondering if this is correct, or whether there is and indicator (other than theory) about which...
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    Can I calculate covariation for binary logistic output from SPSS

    Hi, I am using SPSS to identify moderation relationships. I am using binary logistical regression when the outcome variable could not be transformed to normal, so have recoded into high and low groups. I am then using a very cool program I found on the internet to graph the moderation...